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Stephen Freeman -Finescale Model Railway  Trackwork and SIGNALS

From time to time I get asked for help with Templot designs. Now if it’s a simple request it can often quite easily be answered for free either by myself or on the Templot club.

However if you require something a little more complex, it need not cost the earth even for something based on a prototype plan or map. Basically it’s £20.00 per hour but unless it’s very complex probably no more than that.

Plans designed include Shirebrook TMD in 7mm finescale and Bath in 4SF. Both based on prototype plans and maps. Also, Berwick-on-Tweed (0F), Bala Junction and Town (0F) Shipston on Stour(P4), Merstone(EM), Brockenhurst(4SF) and not least Boroughmarket Junction(P4).  

Please also note that if you commission me to produce the pointwork or a goodly part of it at least, then no charge is made for  the design. (Though a special case might be something like Boroughmarket Junction - I think that it would have to be battery operation only due to the complexity of the track!)