I have used the following Servo Control Boards. All have their strengths and weaknesses: I believe there are other offerings but I haven’t used them as yet. These are just my own personal opinions as a user.

GF Controls Dual Servo Controller:


easy to set up

Cons: You have to be careful how you mount the servo to operate the signal, as you cannot reverse pull and release. You can “invert” but that just seems to move the section over which the servo moves.

Cannot alter the characteristics independently

Cannot alter speed separately

Cost about £25.00 plus P&P



Everything is configurable except for the amount of bounce, which can be variable (it’s designed that way)


Operation by push button

Costs :about £65.00 plus P&P Controls up to 12 servos

Uhlenbrock 67800

Controls 4 servos , has bounce option, DCC only, easy to set up with DecoderPro

Pre-Brexit about £30.00 not tried to purchase since.

Heathcote Electronics

Single servo controller, bounce models available - Most Expensive option at around £16.00

MERG (Membership required)

Servo4 - 4 Servo controller various bounce versions available needs the use of Windows PC to set up

Cost of a Servo4 is less than £10.00

Servo1 - single servo controller bounce options, fully configurable - needs a separate setting box, which can be used for multiple boards has the advantage of being close to servos

The cost of a Servo 1 to members is approx £4.00 and setting box less than £10.00 (You only ever need one of these)

Of course you have to build them!

Which do I personally prefer? Servo4 but am tinkering with Servo 1 at the moment. Though I use both Megapoints and GF Controls for customers signals, who are not MERG members. I can offer the MERG solutions to members at cost. In the case of servo4 with firmware for bounce.

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