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Stephen Freeman -Finescale Model Railway  Trackwork, and Services

Finescale Bespoke Track and Pointwork for over 10 years.

Please see individual scale/gauge pages for more details and the Gallery for just some of the previously completed work.

Finescale Track and Pointwork in 7mm and 4mm Scales:
In 4mm scale those who follow EM or P4 have a well defined set of wheel and track standards which work well together to help produce a smooth running model railway. In 00 there are so many different standards that it becomes more difficult to achieve the same result.
There is a set of standards which will allow the smooth running which is achievable with the finer wheel standards. 00-SF with a gauge of 16.2mm and flangeway of 1.00mm will allow the passage of BRMSB wheels (Back to Back 14.5mm) and most if not all of the current mass-produced locos and rolling stock.
In 7mm scale, only 0-MF (31.5mm gauge, 1.50mm flangeway) will allow the smooth passage of most standard Finescale wheelsets such as Slaters. Unless of course you go for S7.