7mm scale Layout in North America - Pointwork supplied.   I have mentioned the lack of signals to him….

All GWR and WR semaphore signals feature prototypical hollow ball finials supplied by Modelu.!!

That includes 2mm scale as well!

Semaphore Signals

Servo operation of signals and working lights options are all covered.


If you are considering using the new 00 Gauge Stainless Steel Track from DCC Concepts, don’t forget that suitable bases are available from C&L for plain track in EM and P4 and I can build any pointwork for any of the 4mm scale gauges as well as 7mm scale ones in any of the available rail types.

Signal based on Brent can now be seen on RMWeb “a nod to Brent”  along with a straightforward GWR Square post signal. Just to clarify, I don’t do just GWR signals! For those interested I also have a thread on Rmweb .


Etched brass signal posts in 7mm scale

Now available

2- part etches to solder together,

20ft, 28ft and 30ft scale heights (approx)

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